Bamboo Floss Refill 2 Pack

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Vegan Bamboo Floss Refill Pack (2 spools) Our floss game is strong - literally! This bamboo floss is so strong! Each refill pack comes with 2 spools. Ingredients: Bamboo Plant Based Candelilla Wax Tea Tree Oil for Mint Infusion Charcoal for natural teeth whitening* Floss Spool Dimensions: 2x 90 feet / 30 meters Floss Box Dimensions: L: 1.8 in H: 1 in W 1 in Ideal For: Zero waste/refill stores, gift stores, salons, spas, dental offices, yoga centers, restaurants, hospitality companies, realtors, Co- Ops, housewarming gifts, office necessities, college send offs and so much more! Environmental Impact: Being completely compostable, both the bamboo container and bamboo floss are the best eco-friendly alternative to nylon floss. Nylon is a version of plastic and it overwhelms our landfills and oceans. *with the charcoal version