Botanical Respite Vol. 1 | Plant Jigsaw Puzzle 380 Pieces

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At Frondescence Puzzle Co., I find wonderful artists to make beautiful plant-inspired paintings. I then craft those paintings into very well-made puzzles. I design each unique piece to be cut the shape it is. And each piece is a sturdy 2mm thickness, with a matte finish. Each box is made with 2mm thick paper (most puzzle boxes are around 1mm) and has a matte finish along with gold foil lettering. This is a 380 piece puzzle (that feels like a 500 piece puzzle). 24.5" x 18". Image reference card included with each puzzle. I've had these puzzles crafted to be a beautiful display, and to hold against all life throws at them. Complete the collection with Botanical Respite Vol. 2 & 3. The art for this puzzle was done by Scottish painter D. Dopamine.